Cladseal—Coming Soon!

Many people use our décor plastic wall panels to decorate their bathroom or shower. Often, these projects are done on a do-it-yourself basis, which can lead to some technical difficulties for those without training.

One common technical difficulty that our customers experience involves sealing the joint between the shower wall cladding and whatever it is connecting to, be it a shower tray, bath tub or floor. In response to this issue, we are proud to say that we will shortly be offering Cladseal trays to make sealing easy and convenient.

Cladseal is a unique type of shower tray and bath sealing system that is specific to allowing home remodelers to work easily on bath tubs with no tile lip. Without proper sealing, your decorations will not be secure or stable. A shoddy seal can lead to water damage, or mold.

With Cladseal you won’t have to worry about these issues. Using a unique silicone strip, Cladseal is designed to fill in the half-inch gap that wall paneling typically creates. In addition, tape on the materials also ensures proper security.

The silicone stretches, allowing Cladseal to mold to the exact space of a given gap. This also reduces the buildup of tension that could potentially create cracks in your paneling, or even in your porcelain tub. These pieces are designed to be efficient and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about remodeling your bathroom every single year.

We have animations available for those who are more curious about how Cladseal is used, and how it fills its purpose. We also welcome any questions you may have about this product, which we are excited to offer in the very near future!