Different Types of Wall Paneling

We offer many types of paneling at DecorPlastics, and each has its own benefits.  The type of paneling that is best suited for you will depend on the type of project you are working on and the exact look that you are going for.  Explore your options to determine the best choice for your needs.


Interlocking Panels:  These panels are popular because they are extremely easy to install and maintain.  No grout is necessary for installation, and they are waterproof for optimal upkeep.  They can also be fitted over existing surfaces, such as bathroom or kitchen tile.  They come in many colors and designs to fit the tastes of many.


Wallboard Panels:  These panels are designed to give you a look of the natural stones (marble, granite and travertine) and be conveniently lightweight and durable.  They can be fashioned to fit many different projects, including the paneling of shower floors, tub or shower walls, shelves, hot tub decks, and more.  They are incredibly diverse and long lasting.


Designer Panels:  What sets our designer panels apart from other products is their quality of design.  These panels are created to mimic expensive designs like brick, ceramic, stone, and metal, but act as a more affordable alternative.  They are coated with quality Tuff for durability, maintenance, and long-lasting beauty.


Slate Veneer Panels:  Slate Veneer is known for being incredibly lightweight, making it easy to transport and install at home.  It is also extremely flexible to fit the shape of your tub, counter, or wall.  Despite being light and flexible, however, slate veneer is also incredibly durable.  It is waterproof to prevent damage from showering, or other causes of moisture, and built to last.

Now that you now what’s available, it’s time to make your choice!  If you need more help determining the best panels for your purposes, feel free to call us for a consultation today.

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