Getting the Inspiration for Your Next Big Project

It goes without saying, we’re big fans of the redesign process. Get a vision, tear it down, and build something new in its place. As much as we love sprucing up our own homes and offices with a little DIY remodeling, we love helping our customers do the same. So, if you’re looking to “get the vision” for your next project, here are some places you can go to get started…


This site came out of nowhere in 2011 for many people. Pinterest has grown so much in the last year that you can truly find anything here. While you might find specific instructions for a remodeling project on Pinterest, you’re more likely to just get visual/aesthetic inspiration. Make your own ‘board’ and start ‘pinning’ to construct the initial vision of your project.

DIY Magazines

We love going to the local bookstore and perusing stacks of DIY and remodel magazines. A lot of magazines will just provide you with simple ideas. However, some of the more specific publications will give you A to Z instructions for completing whatever project you have in mind.

Home Improvement Book

If you don’t have a technical book on home improvement, get one. When you spend a lot of time looking at “the big picture” on Pinterest and in magazines, it’s easy to forget about the small steps. However, a good instructional home improvement book will remind you of what goes into retiling a floor or sanding down drywall. When you approach your next project from this technical frame of mind, you might come up with different ways to do things that you wouldn’t have otherwise thought of!

Also, don’t forget to browse the Décor Plastics store where you can get inspired by a variety of our truly unique building materials!

It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than Décor Plastics

Most of our customers love DIY projects, so we don’t feel like we have to spend too much time convincing them that Décor Plastics products are easy-to-install.  But, if you’re frightened by the thought of wielding a handsaw, and the difference between a socket wrench and a monkey wrench is lost on you, well this post is for you!

Our products are designed to be easy-to-install with a focus on affordability and quality.  We know that a lot of the cost in any major home renovation project isn’t supplies; it’s installation.  That’s why we’ve made it a top priority to design our products in a way that anyone (yes, even you!) can install them.

Here’s how it works:

Our detailed Product Support page provides all the information you’ll need, from tools and materials required to care and maintenance after your project is complete.  We even have a helpful installation video and YouTube channel that can guide you through every single step.  Visual learners, we’ve got you covered!

Between the videos and extensive notes that you will receive as a customer, you should be good to go.  Installing shower plank panels, wallboards, slate veneer, and more doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task.  And, when you get done, you’ll probably feel pretty good about yourself!

Of course, if you do decide to install the product yourself, and later start worrying that you made a terrible mistake, we have a 30-day money back guarantee.  You shouldn’t have to worry about biting off more than you can chew.  If the project overwhelms you, simply send everything back, and we’ll refund your purchase.

Of course, just because you don’t think you can do it, that’s no reason for giving up!  If you’re still convinced that installation is not for you, you can always find someone to lend you a hand here.

Make Your Walls Pop With Trim

DecorPlastics is proud to offer a wide selection of wallboard panels, designer panels, and other products that make your home look truly exceptional at affordable prices.  No matter what room of the house you’re renovating, we probably have what you’re looking for.  But good walls just aren’t enough sometimes.

We think that good walls need good trim!  While choosing the right panels will give your room the general feel you want, adding trim can personalize it with style.  Trim really makes walls pop, and that’s why we offer several different options to take your walls from “nice” to “classy.”

We offer trim for all sides of your wall panels, whether it’s joints, corners, base, or end, though we would recommend using trim on all of those areas if you decide to use trim at all.  Our decorative insert trim looks especially stunning in gold when used with marble or dark wood grain paneling.  Adding a decorative trim in a tasteful manner can add class and style to traditional decorative paneling.  We recommend trying our gold decorative trim with the Craquelle Black paneling.  This classic combination of gold and marble can beautify your bath area.  The refined simplicity of the look is elegant and tasteful.

Our decorative insert trim in silver looks stunning with the Carrara Marine panel, we think.  Pairing silver with this oceanic blue gives your bathroom a tranquil and elegant aura.

As with any remodeling project, try to visualize the end result before you begin.  Are you looking to create a feminine bathroom, a romantic retreat, or a neat and austere master bath?  Working through these thematic questions, as well as considering what other pieces you will be using for decoration will help you make the right choices in trim.

Happy decorating!

Close-Up On Decor Plastic Designer Panels

For many do-it-yourself projects, our standard decor wall panels are more than sufficient for the job!  Shower plank panels and shower wallboards, for example, are perfect for bathroom remodeling projects.  When you’re looking to go above and beyond, however, it’s time to take a look at our designer panels!

The Benefits of Designer Panels

– They are lightweight and easy to carry.

– They are hydro-repellent.

– They are easy to wash when needed.

– They absorb sound to prevent echoing or transference.

– They are completely recyclable and earth-friendly!

– They are interlocking for easy installation.

– No drywall or additional paint application is required.

– Panel surfaces are coated with an outer layer of Tuff (powdered volcanic rock) for added strength and durability!

Designer Panel Styles

Our designer panels come in many different styles in order to meet the tastes of many different homeowners.  All of our designs come with amazing depth and realism to impress even the most analytical critics!

Designer panels come in styles that can be used as a substitute for the following materials:

– Ceramic

– Brick

– Pebbles or stone

– Stucco

– Steel, copper, and other metals

– Decorative finishes

You can get the same classic look of these materials without all of the added cost, not to mention hassle!  Have you ever tried to install brick?  No matter your answer, you can imagine the labor that would go into such an endeavor!

Not only do these decor plastic panels come in multiple styles, but they also come in various colors.  Choose something bright for your sunroom, earthy for the patio, or tropical for the kitchen!

Save yourself time, energy, AND cash by taking advantage of our affordable designer wall panels.  Start shopping today!


Designer Panels: the beauty and elegance of the volcanic rock

DecorPlastics offers a premium range of decorative interlocking PVC wall or ceiling panels to re-decorate your interior walls.

Specifically designed as a cost effective alternative for ceramic, brick, stone, stucco, metal and decorative finishes, Designer Panels product line is hydro-repellent, light weight, washable, sound absorbent and 100% recyclable. No drywall or painting required.

The panel surface is coated with a layer of powdered volcanic rock – Tuff.


Elegant Uses of Decorplastic’s Panels Around the House

While many people prefer a look of rugged comfort, others prefer the pristine and polished look of an elegant design.  Of course, not everyone with elegant taste can afford elegant items, but with the use of wallboard panels, it is possible to achieve an elegant look at an affordable price.

There are many ways to use wallboard panels to make your living space more elegant, and this article will go over some of the most common ways.

Shower Remodeling

Most people enter their bathroom to find dull white walls, even duller white porcelain, and, of course, white tiles.  Nothing can add elegance to a traditional bathroom design like shower wallboard panels.  Not only are they sleek and classic in design, but they are also coated with a waterproofed finish in order to withstand the wear and tear of continual exposure to water, such as in a shower.

Fireplace Paneling

The image that might come to mind when imagining elegance is a beautiful woman, in a beautiful dress, in a beautiful house, sipping beautiful champagne in front of a beautiful fireplace.  Unfortunately, most fireplaces don’t live up to the epic nature of this image, but using Decorplastic’s slate veneer panels to liven up your fireplace can certainly help!  Choose from a soft, stone texture or go with the classic elegance of a marble design.

Low-wall Paneling

If you are a fan of elegance, then you are also likely a fan of high ceilings!  High ceilings are hard to find these days, but using panels on the bottom portion of your walls can give the illusion that the ceilings are higher.

In order to achieve this elegant illusion, first find the midpoint on the wall between floor and ceiling.  Mark a point eight inches below that, and arrange your paneling below that height.  You will have room for family photos, portraits, and paintings on the top of the wall, while giving the bottom an elegant motif.

Wallboard Panel Décor Themes and Styles

If you’re in the mood to remodel, chances are there is a certain look that you are hoping to achieve with your final design.  Often times, bringing a new aesthetic to a certain room in the house can bring new life to the entire environment, but you have to make sure you choose the right themes and styles.

The right themes and styles for you will depend on your specific taste, as you want the room to represent your own personality.   Consider some of the following options, and decide which combination would be best for you!

Roman Theme

This is a popular theme for those who love the lavish and luxurious.  A Botticino Cream wallboard panel design, with a slightly off-white tone that offers both elegance and strength, will make you feel like Roman royalty,

Desert/Beach Theme

Some of the most exotic places in the world are made beautiful because of their sandy terrain.  Sand offers a soft texture that can make you feel like you’re at the beach or in a desert oasis.  To achieve this style, check out the Sahara Travertine wallboard panels.  Adding a few plants that thrive in a bathroom setting will add an even more exotic element to this look.

Rugged Theme

This is one of the most popular themes and there are many different types of tile designs and color combinations you can use to achieve this look.  The mountainous texture of our Cafe Imperial panels is favorite, as are the Emperador Dark and Giallo Vicenza panels.  If you’re looking for rugged, while still maintaining a chic finish, try the Sapphire Brown.

The Sky is the Limit!

These are just a few of the possibilities.  With literally thousands of design and color combinations available, your design is completely customizable.  With so many style and theme options, the sky is the limit!

New Product Offered for Premium Quality

There are many things that you can do with décor plastic wall panels, and each project will require a specific type of product.  A plan to redecorate your bathroom or shower, for example, will likely require the use of special panels that have been waterproofed.

For those projects that require elegance, sheen, and beauty, while still maintaining durability, our new designer panels may be the preference.  Our designer panels offer clients a little something extra for their design and are made from premium supplies found in Italy.

The great thing about these designer panels is that, despite their impressive make, they are incredibly easy to install.  High quality materials doesn’t mean added stress in this case, as you can get all the benefits of a superior product while holding on to the convenience of a cheaper one.

Our designer panels feature the same honeycomb panel structure in order to maintain integrity.  This structure keeps the panels light, making them easy to carry and apply to walls.  Despite their light weight, however, they remain rigid for strength.

What makes designer wall panels so sturdy is the extra finish that they feature.  Each of these panels has been covered with a thin layer of volcanic rock, adding an exotic element to the design as well as ensuring a long-lasting and resistant remodeling material.

Compared to traditional materials, our designer panels have a lot of appeal.  They are affordable, light, and beautiful, as well as easy to install all by yourself.  These factors aren’t the only attraction, however, as designer panels also come in a wide range of colors and designs.

Choose the style that best suits you and your personality so that you can custom design your living space.  While the designer panels are typically used in interior design projects, there are even some outdoor jobs that could benefit from them.  Check out all of the available designs, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have about your home project.

Different Types of Wall Paneling

We offer many types of paneling at DecorPlastics, and each has its own benefits.  The type of paneling that is best suited for you will depend on the type of project you are working on and the exact look that you are going for.  Explore your options to determine the best choice for your needs.


Interlocking Panels:  These panels are popular because they are extremely easy to install and maintain.  No grout is necessary for installation, and they are waterproof for optimal upkeep.  They can also be fitted over existing surfaces, such as bathroom or kitchen tile.  They come in many colors and designs to fit the tastes of many.


Wallboard Panels:  These panels are designed to give you a look of the natural stones (marble, granite and travertine) and be conveniently lightweight and durable.  They can be fashioned to fit many different projects, including the paneling of shower floors, tub or shower walls, shelves, hot tub decks, and more.  They are incredibly diverse and long lasting.


Designer Panels:  What sets our designer panels apart from other products is their quality of design.  These panels are created to mimic expensive designs like brick, ceramic, stone, and metal, but act as a more affordable alternative.  They are coated with quality Tuff for durability, maintenance, and long-lasting beauty.


Slate Veneer Panels:  Slate Veneer is known for being incredibly lightweight, making it easy to transport and install at home.  It is also extremely flexible to fit the shape of your tub, counter, or wall.  Despite being light and flexible, however, slate veneer is also incredibly durable.  It is waterproof to prevent damage from showering, or other causes of moisture, and built to last.

Now that you now what’s available, it’s time to make your choice!  If you need more help determining the best panels for your purposes, feel free to call us for a consultation today.