How To Find Home Improvement Inspiration

You may know it’s time for a change in style, but what if you aren’t sure what you want to change about your home? It isn’t always easy to determine what to change about a home, since it generally has a high price tag and requires dedicated hours of time and effort to remodel a room. With such an investment of time and money, it’s often overwhelming to consider. The first step in making a decision is to find inspiration.

Where to Find Home Improvement Ideas

It sounds too simple, but checking out the homes of friends and family is a great place to start researching ideas. Consider things about their homes which you like and don’t like. What would you do differently with their space? Many times, it is easier to decide what to do with someone else’s home than it is your own.

Determine the low, high, and median budgets for your remodel. Knowing the minimum and maximum you want to spend on a remodeling project provides the information necessary to reach an average range of acceptable cost for your remodel. It will help narrow down what ideas are actually viable options for your home.

Don’t be afraid to dream big. Until you are physically writing the check, the changes under consideration are free. Why not see where your imagination takes you and pare it down to something affordable and doable in the space available?

The internet is an obvious stop for remodeling ideas. Pinterest alone is a fount of DIY remodeling ideas, from the extreme and bizarre to the minor and easy. However, don’t neglect the tried and true library.

As always, consulting experts is a smart way to go. Check your local hardware store and ask the professionals there for recommendations on remodeling ideas that are simple and inexpensive. For further ideas and products, investigate Décor Plastics as an affordable way to make a beautiful improvement in your home.


The Slate Veneer You’ve Been Looking For

Slate veneer paneling is a truly convenient and efficient way to drastically change your home. Whether it is an interior or an exterior wall, these naturally styled wall panels will provide a modern, designer atmosphere in your home.

In the Living Room

Many people considering slate veneers assume it will be used to cover multiple walls, and sometimes this is the case. However, using slate veneers on a portion of one wall creates an interesting, dynamic accent and centerpiece to any living room. A particularly striking placement is around a fireplace, which adds to the rustic feel of a wood-burning fire.

In the Kitchen

Slate veneer has an interesting, rocky texture and comes in a variety of styles and colors, so it is easy to use in the kitchen. Traditionally, it is placed along a full wall, but if you have a countertop which extends out from the wall, an interesting placement for the veneer is along the back of that counter. It breaks up the room and adds a rough feel to the overall kitchen atmosphere.

If you have a kitchen-dining combination room, employing slate veneer to create a clear divider between the two sections of the room is a smart way to give the appearance of separated space.

On the Patio

The wonderful thing about slate veneer is its multi-faceted use. It functions beautifully outside as well as inside, so there is no reason not to add some variety to your exterior patio walls. Covering a portion of a wall, or even steps, adds dimension to your home, but covering all of the walls within a fenced, patio area creates a cohesive space, designed specifically for outdoor activities.

There are many options for employing slate veneer, so do some research and find a look that interests you most. It is a fairly simple process to have applied, and will revitalize any room or outdoor area.


3 DIY Bathroom Décor Projects

It is surprisingly easy to spruce up your bathroom when you have ingenuity, a dash of creativity, and are willing to put in a little elbow grease. For some, the bathroom is their throne, and for others, it is a place of serenity and relaxation. No matter what atmosphere you want in your bathroom, these 3 straight forward DIY projects will enhance even the drabbest restroom.

Ethereal Floating Shelves

These shelves can be rustic, modern, or romantic, but they will always be practical. Pick your favorite shallow container (or you can build the shelf from scratch) and attach it to your empty bathroom wall with a drill. Determine where the studs are in the wall and drill into those, rather than just plaster. This will help stabilize the shelves and provide additional weight bearing support. Then place knickknacks, trinkets, and other décor items as you please in order to complete the look or simply use the space for towels and toilet paper.

Stone Tub Surround

Are you tired of your boring, white bathtub? Most people assume their bathtub is as interesting as it will ever be, but they are wrong. Using AirStone and a strong adhesive, it is easy to give your tub some great texture and color, creating an organic atmosphere in your bathroom. This project requires some hard work, but is definitely worth the effort.

Quick and Easy Sink Accoutrements Holder

Perhaps the easiest project on offer today is a new option for keeping all the various paraphernalia that ends up on the bathroom sink. From toothbrushes and toothpaste to hair brushes and styling gel, the bathroom sink can become an unsightly clutter. By taking a CD tower (any style will do) and laying it on its side, you can swiftly organize your bathroom mess. Secure the tower to the wall above the sink with screws or hooks as appropriate.

To complement these bathroom enhancements, consider new, designer bathroom wall panels!


Upgrading the Hardware in Your Bathroom for a New Look

One of the fastest ways to upgrade a bathroom is to replace the existing hardware. These components include:

  • sink faucets
  • bathtub faucets
  • drawer pulls and handles
  • door knobs
  • shower curtain rings

All of these pieces can be DIY projects that significantly reduce the cost of an upgrade and bring out the creative potential of your bathroom.

Faucets: Style and Elegance for Your Sink or Tub

Replacing your faucet is a fairly simple process; however, the savings by doing it yourself is absolutely worth the time and effort, and the feeling of accomplishment once your new faucet is installed can be exhilarating. A few unconventional faucet styles are available for purchase through Home Depot and IKEA. Beyond the sink, don’t forget about the shower head! You’ll find many options and styles in the bath department of your local home improvement store.

Handles, Pulls, and Door Knobs: Functional Accents

Of course you can replace your existing handles and door knobs with traditional hardware, making simple changes in style or metal type, but these pieces an easy opportunity to make unique changes to your home.

For a quick cabinet handle style change, try using vintage spoons. They are sturdier and tend to have more character than modern day hardware. An option for upgrading your bathroom door knob can most likely be found in your local antique shop in the form of vintage, colored glass or porcelain door knobs.

Shower Curtain Rings: The Easiest Bathroom Upgrade Ever

The last item on our list of quick DIY upgrades to bathroom hardware is shower curtain rings. Most people overlook these functional little circles, focusing instead on the shower curtain or the tub itself, but there style can be created from this change. The best place to start looking is Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have a broad selection of styles, metals, and themes to accent and compliment just about any bathroom aesthetic.

3 Quick and Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Living Room for Summer

You’ve made it through the drab, cold winter and spring has created a desire for all things lively and clean, but your living room isn’t reflecting the bold joy of the summer season. Not to worry, we have 3 easy ways to enliven your most used room and bring a bit of that carefree summer sensibility inside your home.

Color is Everything

The simplest way to add lush color to your living room is with decorative pillows. The texture, shade, and style of pillows completely change the feel of a room while investing far less money than a full remodel. If you can’t find the perfect set of pillows for the look you want, consider trying DIY pillow covers.

Bright Light is Always Right

Open up your windows! Replace the heavy drapes with light and airy gauze panels in warm colors that compliment your new pillow accents. Or use lovely, broad style window slats instead of traditional blinds.  These window treatments let in more natural light and really open up the room. Installing this type of window décor adds to the summery style you want, while keeping your home cool.

Say Yes to Greenery

Some people are a bit scared of plant life, certain they will kill any flower or potted plant that crosses their threshold. However, fake plants have a realistic appearance and require no effort beyond placing them in your living room. IKEA has a great online selection of inexpensive potted plants and trees.

If you are looking for a more permanent upgrade to your living area, offers designer decorative paneling for your interior walls and ceiling, which can completely change the overall feel of your living room and enhance the value of your home. Our designer panels feature interlocking PVC walls coated in a layer of powdered volcanic rock, giving the panels a realistic texture.

DIY Child Friendly Bathrooms

Whether the children in your life are your own, your grandchildren or special to you in some other way – they will appreciate a kid-friendly bathroom.

One surefire way to make a bathroom kid-friendly is to make it colorful. We offer blue and green interlocking shower wall panels. They are easy to install and don’t require grouting or frequent maintenance. These are water inspired kid approved colors that will grow with them and be enjoyed by adults too.

Another idea is to install a fun showerhead. Rinse Ace makes a shower head that attaches to the existing showerhead especially for children in cute characters. It is height adjustable, inexpensive, easy to use and easy to install.

Children love their own character shower curtains and there are so many to choose from!  Shower curtains are not expensive and easy to change from season to season and year to year. A shower curtain can set the tone for the entire bathroom.

Towels can be fun and creative. Many department stores sell hooded towels so children can pretend to be their favorite animals. These towels dry bodies as well as hair and many times hang easily and dry quickly.

Adults often forget what it is like to be a child, but kids are small!  How kind and considerate would it be to hang shelves, towel rods and hooks at a child’s level so the child can easily access or hang bath towels, hand towels and washcloths?  This would be a help to parents as well as children as it encourages self-sufficiency.

No child’s bathroom would be complete without non-slip stickers on the tub floor, a cute absorbent bath mat, toys and children’s toiletries. Please keep in mind that toys can become moldy inside quickly and there are many non-toxic and natural children’s bath products available.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Home Renovation

Are you considering a home renovation? When it comes to renovating your home, starting out with a plan is absolutely critical. To brainstorm about your home renovation, there are a few key questions to ask yourself prior to demolition. Here are the top four questions we at Décor Plastics think you should ask when beginning the first steps toward planning a home renovation.

1. What’s My Budget?

Budget is probably one of the most important factors of your home renovation. Without determining a budget, you cannot make any decisions about the project – what materials you will use, whether you will hire a contractor or go DIY, how extensive the renovation will be, the style, etc. The first step is to determine a working, and reasonable, budget for the project.

2. What Don’t I Like About This Space?

If you are choosing to remodel a specific space in your home, first determine what exactly you dislike and why. This will help determine how you want to change the space for the better.

3. What Look Am I Going For?

When it comes to remodeling a home, there are endless possibilities available. Without first deciding on a general theme or look, you could become completely overwhelmed by the potential choices. Before beginning a home renovation, ask yourself what look you are going for to help begin the process of narrowing down the choices.

4. Do I Want to Hire a Contractor?

Hiring a contractor is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning a home renovation. If you are considering a rather small home improvement project that can be easily completed, you may choose to forgo the contractor.

At Décor Plastics, we offer the products you need for a successful bathroom remodeling project. Contact us today to learn more.

4 DIY Projects for Your New Year’s Eve Party

Another holiday, another opportunity for DIY decorations! For your New Year’s Eve party, there are many different DIY projects out there that will reduce your decorations budget and impress your guests. Here are four DIY decorations that we love for your New Year’s Eve festivities.

1. Paper Cube String Lights

For a project that will light up your New Year’s Eve party, try this tutorial for paper cube string lights. This project allows you to reuse your string lights from Christmas, simply adding paper to create the cubes. While you can use any type of string lights, LED lights are preferable to prevent any fire hazards. Simply follow the folding instructions to create the paper cubes, then poke a light through each cube and your project is complete.

2. Confetti Matchboxes

Want to have your guests throw confetti when the clock strikes midnight? Follow this tutorial for simple confetti matchboxes that you can hand out at your party. First, wrap your matchboxes with brightly colored foil paper. Next, add in either confetti or colorful paper punches leftover from previous projects. Top them off with ribbon and a countdown number.

3. Star Drink Stirrers

For a sparkling addition to your drinks, use these directions to create sequined star drink stirring sticks. You will need sequined star appliqués that are 2 inches in size, craft felt, bamboo skewers, scissors, and a hot glue gun. Simply cut out craft felt that is the same shape and size as the appliqués, and then hot glue the bamboo skewers in between the two pieces.

4. Colorful Crackers

What’s a New Year’s Eve party without crackers? Use this guide to create simple crackers using colorful paper. All you need is different colored construction paper, scissors, a craft knife, ribbon or string, and party favors to place inside the crackers. Follow the instructions for cutting and folding, then stuff your cracker and tie it off with string.

4 Ways to Save Money On Your DIY Holiday Decorations

Holidays are the best time of year for DIY projects. This holiday season, plan to go all out with your DIY decorations without breaking the bank. While DIY is a money-saver in and of itself, there are many ways that you can save even more by being smart about your holiday DIY decorations. With these four tips, you can save money on your DIY decorations this holiday season and spend that money on gifts for your family and friends.

1. Take Advantage of Nature

When you’re making DIY decorations, nature is one of your best resources. Better yet, nature is free! Before you start purchasing supplies for your DIY holiday decorations, take a stroll through nature and find supplies there, such as leaves, pinecones, acorns, twigs, etc. Find DIY project ideas online that make use of the supplies that nature has to offer.

2. Buy in Bulk

Another tip for saving money on your DIY projects is to buy in bulk. If you start planning your decorations early, you will still have time to shop online for supplies and find the best deals. Everything is cheaper in bulk, and fortunately, craft supplies are something you can always find in large quantities.

3. Start Shopping Early

In line with buying in bulk, it is also important to start shopping for your DIY decoration supplies early. By starting early, you will be able to compare prices and ensure that you get the best deals. Starting early is also beneficial because it will help you beat the holiday rush and give you plenty of time to think about your holiday gifts rather than decorating your home.

4. Collaborate With Friends

When you collaborate with friends, DIY projects are even more fun. By doing joint DIY decorating with your friends, you will be able to save money on supplies by purchasing more of your supplies in bulk and sharing them.

Tips for Using Pinterest to Find Holiday DIY Projects

When it comes to finding ideas for your next DIY craft project, Pinterest has quickly become one of the most popular websites out there. This holiday season, Pinterest will be your best friend if you are planning on creating your own holiday decorations or gifts. Use these four tips to find the best holiday DIY projects.

1. Use Top Picks

The first step in finding great DIY project ideas is to find followers that post pins that are relevant to your interests. One simple way to find boards to follow is to use the “Top Picks” list that Pinterest provides. To do this, simply go to “Edit Your Home Feed” on the upper left side of your home feed. You will see Top Picks displayed for you to browse through and follow.

2. Browse the Popular Section

Another place to find pins for your DIY project is in the popular section. Here, you will find the most popular items across Pinterest, meaning those that have been re-pinned the most. While you may not find exactly what you are looking for, this is a great place to find new boards and see what others are into across the site.

3. Make a Contributor Board With Friends

On Pinterest, one available option is making a contributor board. This board allows not only you, but also others to add pins. Use contributor boards to create joint boards with your friends who are also searching for holiday DIY ideas. This way, you can find ideas and work on your DIY projects together.

4. Check Out Your Related Pins

Last but not least, Pinterest recently added a new feature called “Related Pins.” These pins appear in your home feed and are chosen by Pinterest based upon your interests, pins, likes, etc. Look at your related pins to see if Pinterest has found anything good for your holiday DIY plans!