Top 3 Decor Plastic Paneling Home Projects

Over the course of our business, we have noticed some patterns among our customers.  While our decor plastic paneling can be used for hundreds upon hundreds of DIY projects, we would like to share the top three with you to give you a picture of what others are doing with these wonderful products!

1)  Waterproof Shower Paneling

Our shower wall panels are our most popular, as the shower and bathing areas represent a unique place for peace and relaxation.  Customizing these areas adds to the feeling of comfort brought on by a hot shower or a serene bubble bath, and our customers can attest to that fact!

Our shower wallboards are perfect for the bathroom because they are completely waterproofed.  You won’t have to worry about mold or water damage because these shower wall panels are designed to survive even the biggest splashes!

2)  Add Some Spice in the Kitchen

Our clients love using decor plastic paneling in the kitchen, both on counters and surfaces as well as on the walls.  If you love to cook or eat, you are likely in the kitchen quite often!  Why not make this a more enjoyable experience by recreating the surroundings with custom, quality paneling?

3)  Drab to Fab Laundry Room

The laundry room is often considered the dullest room of the house.  Not only are they typically small and restrictive, but they lack color and design.  Even those houses that place the washer and dryer directly in the garage tend not to put effort into the aesthetics of the area.

You can change all that with a quick DIY project, as many of our clients have done in the past.  Add some life to your laundry space through the texture and liveliness of our decor paneling, and you will start to notice a difference in your mood come laundry time!

Share your favorite use for decor plastic paneling with us below!

Give Life to Your Laundry Room

You will be hard pressed to find anyone who will admit to truly enjoying doing their laundry, but some are certainly better off than others.  The least excited are likely to be those forced to pay-by-the-load at a public laundromat, while the happiest are those who can wash from the comfort of a custom laundry room.

Standard laundry rooms do not offer a lot of joy.  Think about it—they often have dark, concrete floors and dull color tones, not to mention the size!  No one wants to be required to enter a small, dingy room every time they have chores to do, and décor wall panels are a great way to add new life to this oft-forgotten part of the house.

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