Favorite Holiday Color Slate Veneers: Zerra Green & Terra Red

At this point, it may be a little late for a pre-Christmas remodeling project. But, that’s not stopping us from looking through our product gallery with a Christmas twinkle in our eyes. We’ve found two Christmassy colors we just love: Zerra Green and Terra Red.

Both of these slate veneers are richly textured. Of course, because each sheet of veneer has a thin layer of real stone, how could they not be richly textured? Let’s take a closer look at these two products…

Zerra Green: This gorgeous grayish green color hides tones of copper and gold in its finely detailed veins and crevices. Also, this product can vary widely in texture and color. We’re always delighted to see what kind of Zerra Green shows up in our warehouses, and we know that our customers are always delighted by it, too. This is certainly one of the more unique slate veneers in our inventory – you won’t be disappointed! Plus, with a green color this neutral, it will look great for years on end.

Terra Red:  Exceptionally beautiful and exquisite, Terra Red has been a company favorite for a long time. Though the texture of our Terra Red slate veneer may vary from square to square, the color remains remarkably consistent. Its color varies between a rich, red clay and a muted crimson tone. It’s the perfect companion for Zerra Green.

Though we call these two slate veneers our favorite holiday colors, in truth, they’re really just two of our favorite colors anyways! Who says we can’t use Christmas to highlight the things we already love?

Don’t be afraid that you’ll be stuck with a Christmassy looking room if you pair these two veneers. Because of their natural, earthy tones, these two colors agree harmoniously throughout the year – no matter what the season.


Indoor Plants: Best Way to Beat Winter Blues

When the holiday decorations come down, and things get back to normal, it can get to be quite dreary inside most winterized homes. However, don’t let the winter blues take the place of garlands and red ribbon. You can fill the void with house plants. The following plants keep indoors year round, and require little effort to thrive. Add some life with these 4 plants

Golden Pothos Vine: You’re definitely familiar with this one. In fact, at the very mention of “house plants,” you probably begin to imagine its trailing green and yellow leaves sweeping down the bookshelf and onto the mantle. Indirect and bright light works best for this plant. But, really, you’re not going to kill it with minimal light.

Succulents and Cacti: There are dozens – if not hundreds – of variations of succulents; we couldn’t possibly cover them all. However, their waxy green leaves and stems can appear in a variety of shapes and sizes, sometimes giving way to rich colors of purple, red, orange, and yellow. These tender plants are great indoors, but require a little more than the hanging vines you’re used to. Also, their cousins, the cacti, can be great accompaniments.

Bromeliads: If you want a house plant that is just a little bit of challenge, try a bromeliad. Keeping it alive and green is easy. But, if you want to get that bright pink flower to blossom from its center, you might have to give it a little extra TLC. One easy way to cheat and get the bloom is by covering the plant for ten days in a plastic bag with a ripe apple. The ethylene gas from the decomposing apple will bring that bloom right out!

Spider Plant: If you’re looking for the absolute, hands down easiest plant, it’s this one. They make for great hanging plants, and great I’m-going-on-vacation plants, too!

Remodeling Advice from the Pro’s

Our team here at Décor Plastics chants one mantra: you can do it!  Because, really…. You can!  All of our products are designed and sold with the belief that just about anyone should be able to install them if they have the right tools, basic knowledge, and attitude.

While we tell you what kind of tools you need, and provide you with the knowledge you should have before beginning a project, we don’t focus much on attitude.

However, having the right attitude is almost as important as having the right tools and information.  If you don’t have the right mental approach to a home remodeling project, you could be setting yourself up for a disastrous and frustrating experience.  Also, if you’re doing this project with a spouse or significant other, it’s especially important that you don’t let tensions run high!

4 Tips For Mentally Approaching a Remodeling Project

  1. Make sure your remodeling vision is unified.  Some of the biggest arguments are a result of not being on the same page.  Before you begin, talk about exactly what you want the end result to be.  Make compromises at this point instead of waiting until the project is halfway complete.
  2. Don’t be in a rush.  If you start a project at nine o’clock on a Saturday morning, convinced that you have to be done to go out to dinner that night, you’re going to be stressed.   Allow yourself a lot more time than you think you’ll need before beginning.  And, if you need even more time, then that’s fine, too!
  3. Don’t let mistakes frustrate you.  Hardly any mistake is irreparable!  Take things slow.  When things go wrong, correct the mistake fully.  It will pay off in the long run.
  4. Lastly, when you do get frustrated with your remodeling partner, take a fifteen-minute break.  Shower walls are not something that should add stress to your relationship.  Step away, sit down, and come back to the issue with a clear mind.

Cleaning Out Your Fireplace For the Winter

If you’re fortunate to have your own fireplace, then you know that few things in life are finer than sitting around the open hearth, enjoying a book, conversation, or just a simple sense of serenity.

Of course, in order to enjoy those things you have to have a fireplace that is… clean.  Hopefully you gave your fireplace a good cleaning this past spring.  But, if not, then there’s no better time than now to go ahead and get your fireplace in tip-top shape.

After all, it seems like the first cold snap always comes unexpectedly.  Why not go ahead and do your cleaning now so that you’ll be ready to handle the cold whenever it decides to show up?  If you want to prep your fireplace for the winter, here are a few tips on how you can get things ready to go:

  • First, remove the andiron and grate from your fireplace, as well as any other obstructions.
  • Shovel out any debris.
  • Spread out several layers of newspapers inside the fireplace, leaving a little extra to go up the walls of the fireplace, thereby creating a shallow “basket” of newspaper.
  • Next, begin scraping away soot with a wire brush.

Important: be sure you are wearing goggles or some kind of protective eyewear.

  • As soot accumulates, remove the layers of newspaper.  Make sure you have plenty of layers below so that you can easily continue your work with a clean sheet below you.
  • Once the soot has been removed, turn your attention to the fireplace walls.  Wearing latex gloves, mix six tablespoons of TSP with a cup of chlorine bleach.  Dilute the mixture with a gallon of warm water.  Use this admixture to scrub the inside walls of your fireplace.
  • Wipe down with rags, and enjoy your fireplace this winter.

And, remember, you can always use Decor Plastics to liven up your fireplace!

Paneling Your Living Room for a New Look

It’s not too hard to guess how a traditional living room will look, when undecorated of course.  Before diverse furniture, wall hangings, and carpets are added for personalization, most living rooms have one thing in common: an overpoweringly white atmosphere.

White walls have almost become part of our culture, representing an empty space from which to grow and create.  Many people do things to change the appearance of their walls but not completely.

Take putting up photos, for example.  Photos will brighten a white wall, but it will not change the atmosphere of a room.  Posters, paintings, and other decorations are similar, offering only a partial transformation and personalization.

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