Decor Plastics an Affordable Remodeling Option

Home improvement can be an expensive venture, leaving many families thinking that improving their home is not an option due to cost. Although many home remodels do become exorbitant in price, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little ingenuity and the right products, your home remodel will be stunning and affordable.

Décor Plastics provides a variety of products and services tailored to helping families create their dream home with a much smaller price tag than expected. Affordable home improvement isn’t a mirage in the sand. With Décor Plastics at your side, you can add those special touches to a home which take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

Benefits of Décor Plastics’ Product Line

Wallboard Shower Panels – Décor Plastics’ wallboard panels are structurally sound, beautifully textured, and quickly installed. These panels come in a variety of extremely high resolution marble styles in different colors and are inexpensive compared to traditional marble installations.

Faux Stone Panels – Slate veneer and other faux stone panels provide depth and texture to rooms previously outfitted in flat paint or wallpaper. These panels can be placed on walls or floors to completely remodel the look of a room.

Stunning Style for a Low Price – The convenience of faux paneling is creating the style and feel of luxury without the deep cost. Décor Plastics provides beautiful products for creating a whole new room at a fraction of the cost.

Low Maintenance – Wall paneling with Décor Plastics requires none of the maintenance that real slate and marble do. Not only is it inexpensive, but faux wallboards are durable and easy to clean.

If you are considering a remodeling project soon, take a look at the wall paneling options available from Décor Plastics today. With low cost and a high return on quality, Décor Plastics is the best choice for luxury at a reasonable price.


3 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom for 2014

With 2014 approaching quickly, now is the time to start thinking about remodeling your bathroom for the New Year. Why is this a great time to remodel your bathroom? There are many reasons why you should make remodeling your bathroom a New Year’s resolution. Not only is a new bathroom an excellent way to welcome the New Year into your home, but research also shows that bathroom remodels will be a popular project in 2014. Here are our top three reasons for why you should consider a bathroom remodel this year.

1. New Bathroom = New Year

First, welcome the New Year with open arms by remodeling your bathroom and making it look like brand new. A new year is a time for change, and changing up the look and feel of your bathroom is a good way to start making changes in your life. By remodeling your bathroom, you can give your home a fresh start to 2014.

2. Everyone’s Doing It

Another great reason to remodel your bathroom for the New Year is because everyone else is doing it, too. One survey shows that 58% of those conducting home remodels plan to remodel their bathroom in 2014. Following along with this trend is a good idea because it will help your home stay updated and increase its value if you ever decide to put it on the market.

3. It Makes a Great Resolution

Struggling to find the perfect New Year’s resolution? Remodeling your bathroom is a good New Year’s resolution to take on because it is a project that you can feel good about completing. Remodeling projects make good resolutions because they are very flexible – you can determine exactly what it is you want to change and how you want to make it better, and you can also decide the scope of the overall project itself.

Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you are planning on remodeling your bathroom, you have a large project on your hands. Bathroom remodels can be tricky, especially when they are not planned right. There are a few common mistakes that homeowners often make when remodeling their bathrooms, and they can lead to disastrous consequences for your home. Avoid the following bathroom remodeling mistakes.

1. Not Having a Plan

The most important step in your bathroom remodel is creating a plan. While many assume that they will be able to just plan their remodel as they go, this can lead to a huge mess of problems. You should always create a full plan before you start your bathroom remodel. This should include the fixtures you want to purchase, colors you want to use, layout and design scheme you want to follow, and who you will hire to do the job.

2. Choosing Cheap Products

Another major mistake that homeowners make when remodeling the bathroom is choosing fixtures and other features based on price rather than quality and functionality. By choosing cheap products, you are at risk for fixtures that are inefficient, flooring that will not protect against water damage, and problems with water temperature. Your bathroom is a necessity, and you should always do your research on the products you choose to use in it.

3. Not Hiring Help

Last but not least, many homeowners also believe that they will be able to perform their bathroom remodel entirely on their own. Unless you are skilled in all of the aspects of your bathroom remodeling project, you should never work without a contractor. A contractor is necessary to ensure that the plumbing is done right and the fixtures are installed properly. You will also probably need a contractor to lay flooring and insert paneling in your shower. While you can certainly help in the areas where you are able, remodeling without a contractor is sure to lead to problems.

Bathroom Remodeling: 4 Themes We Love

Are you considering a bathroom remodel? Are you also struggling to choose a design theme? At Décor Plastics, we love design ideas inspired by natural beauty. Try out these 4 bathroom themes using bright colors and an outdoorsy vibe to turn your bathroom into a natural paradise.

1. Tropical Rainforest

One great, naturally inspired idea is to turn your bathroom into a tropical rainforest. There are many decorative aspects you can add to your bathroom for this theme. Start off by using our rainforest green tiles for the paneling in your shower. Next, bring in tropical plants such as bamboo for added effect.

2. Sunshine

Does your bathroom have a lot of great, natural light? Use this for a beautiful sunshine theme. Start with our marmo amarelo tiles for a sunny color that does not overwhelm you. A golden pothos is a great plant for this theme, as the sunlight will bring out the golden streaks it gets its name from. For a lighter theme, use white accessories to complement the yellow. For bright, bold sun, add in streaks of red and orange instead.

3. Clear Blue Skies

If you’re not into yellow, another excellent theme for a bright bathroom is clear, blue skies. You can begin this decorative style using our carrara marine tiles. Next, bring in white aspects to your bathroom to add a cloud effect. Use fresh white linens as well as fixtures – turn your bathtub into a cloud in the sky!

4. Southwestern

For a nature-inspired theme with deeper colors, give your bathroom a southwestern style. You can start by using our terra red slate veneer panels. Next, add in bright colors such as turquoise, orange, or a deep green. You can add colorful pottery work as well as ceramic tiles for the bathroom floor.

Back to School: Remodeling School for Your Bathroom!

Can you believe it’s almost time for the kids to head back to school? As your little students head back for the fall, why not send yourself back to remodeling school with Décor Plastics? Now that summer’s over, you finally have the time to tackle that bathroom remodeling project. (You know the one – it makes you cringe every time guests come over!)

With Décor Plastics building materials, your remodeling project can be easy and affordable – not to mention gorgeous. We’re pleased to offer DIY customers two types of shower wall panels, interlocking plank panels and wallboards.

Our interlocking plank panels are totally waterproof – just like tile. However, they’re a major improvement over tile for (at least) one major reason: they don’t accumulate grout. Interlocking panels are all about easy maintenance. Plus, they’re easy to install. There’s no tapping, sanding painting, priming, or plastering. There’s no mess.

If you want a glamorous look, try one of our shower wallboard panels. These panels are the ultimate in realism and depth, featuring high resolution imagery that won’t scratch or fade with time. Of course, they’re also waterproof, durable, and non-porous. With those kinds of features, you’ll want to use Décor Plastics wallboard panels in your garage, utility room, and other messy areas of the house… Many of our customers do!

Lastly, be sure to check out our bathtub and shower surround kits, which include all the components you’ll need for your remodel. You can install the kit over existing tile.

Need help?

If you need help, we recommend these contractors. If you’re of the DIY mindset, we’ve also got you covered. Check out our video library, which includes instructions for installing shower wallboard panels and more. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Give us a call or shoot us an email. We’re here to help you!

Remodeling Can Increase Property Value!

Many people are looking for a quick and simple way to increase the value of their homes, and decor plastic paneling is the way to do it!  Whether it’s your kitchen or your bathroom (or both!), a few easy steps and you’ll find yourself in a whole new world—and price range!


Bathroom Remodeling


Our waterproofed shower panels make bathroom remodeling a breeze!  Don’t worry about mold, as our smooth panels are designed specifically to withstand any damage caused by water.  They are light weight, easy to clean, and easy to install!


According to the real estate listings site House Hunt, renovating a bathroom can increase a home’s value by up to $9,861.  Adding a bathroom will add an incredible $18,226 to the property value, and decor plastic panels can be used for those projects, as well!


Kitchen Remodeling


Studies show that improvements made in the kitchen are likely to offer the highest return rate when it comes to home improvements.  That is, if they’re done well!  The great thing about decor plastic panels is that they are so brilliantly designed, it’s almost impossible not to create something magnificent!


Choose a color theme for your kitchen, and then pick from various themes and designs to find one that fits with your kitchen!  Once you’ve picked the perfect design, installation is easy; no need for crazy plasters, saws or other power tools.


According to Quicken Loans, a reputable mortgage company, the rate of return for kitchen improvements is between 80 and 93 percent, on average.  That is a great number!


Start exploring the various styles today, and you’ll be started before you know it.  Order some free samples so you can see how our decor plastic panels look in your home!