Three Wet Environments Perfect for Emerald Plank Panels

Moisture may be a fundamental part of life, but it’s certainly not supposed to be a part of the picture for drywall.  If you’ve ever had a leaky ceiling or a wall area that’s had a lot of water splashed on it over time, then you know how drywall feels about moisture.

It just doesn’t hold up.  If you’re tired of trying to dry out your drywall, and keep it from getting wet, then you’re probably ready to do just about anything.  However, you don’t have to take any drastic measures in order to protect your walls.

Décor Plastics has made it easy for you to have beautiful and affordable walls that stand up to moisture.  Our interlocking panels are totally water-resistant.  Today, we’d like to focus on the gorgeous emerald plank panels, made by Vega Plast, and backed with a ten-year warranty.  Here are three places you might consider using these interlocking panels…

The Bathroom

No matter how hard you try, walls end up getting wet in the bathroom.  Your shower/bathtub is the first obvious place you might use these emerald plank panels.  However, even the other walls have to endure a lot of moisture over time.  Installing these interlocking panels throughout your bathroom can help prevent long term moisture damage.

Utility Room

Next up, the utility room.  The utility room is susceptible to just about all forms of damage: heat, cold, moisture, dirt, and whatever else the kids and dog drag in.  Go ahead and fortify this space with something beautiful and resilient.

Laundry Room

One day, your washing machine is going to spring a leak.  It always happens at one point or another.  Go ahead and prepare yourself with beautiful interlocking emerald plank panels.  Not only will they bring life to a rather lifeless room, but they’ll also protect your home!

Summer Water Conservation Tips

As the wildfires rage on in Colorado, everyone around the nation is becoming a little more aware of the intense heat of this summer.  If you’re like us, you probably enjoy keeping a garden or manicuring the lawn (when you have time, at least!).  Doing so in the summer, however, requires some strategic watering.  Otherwise, you’ll end up scorching your plants and paying a high water bill.

Water Early

Be sure to water your plants early in the morning before the sun is full.  If you’re using a sprinkler or some sort of automated watering device, watering in the middle of the night is your best bet.  When you water during the afternoon, most of the water evaporates.


By aerating your lawn, you allow the water to soak into the ground and permeate the roots.  When you water ground that isn’t aerated, the water will sit on top of the surface for longer time, which means you lose a lot of water to evaporation.

 No Water on Foliage

For watering plants, if you have to water in the afternoon, at least make sure that you keep the hose close to the ground, and avoid getting the foliage wet.  When water drops land on the foliage, the sun’s rays are magnified through the droplets, causing burns in the plant.

 Don’t Over Water

If the grass on your lawn springs back up after you step on it, it doesn’t need watering.  If the soil in your garden is constantly damp and the leaves start to look a little pallid (light green/yellowish), then you need to cut back on your watering.

Proper watering isn’t just environmentally responsible; it also saves you money.  Be Water Wise estimates you can save 1,000 gallons a month with proper watering!  Be responsible with your watering, and have a great summer!

Decor Plastics Are Perfect for Pools!

Decor Plastics Are Perfect for PoolsNot all of us are lucky enough to have a pool in our home, but those that do can tell you that they’re not the easiest things to maintain! Keeping the water in the pool clean is a job by itself, and the job becomes even harder when we consider the surrounding areas that need maintenance!

Decor plastic panels can help make your pool maintenance easier in a number of ways:

– We have many panels that are waterproof, protecting you from mold and other water damage that can occur around swimming pools.
– Our waterproof panels are completely non-pourous, leaving dirt and grime no place to hide! A quick rinse of these panels and you can be sure they are clean!
– All of our panels are lightweight and easy to install. Any design changes you choose to make later on will be easy to maneuver, and you can do everything on your own, without the help of a professional!

In addition to making your pool maintenance easier, decor plastic panels can add a little extra umph to your poolside atmosphere. Make your pool party guests feel like they are in the middle of a mountain springs with our panels designed to look like stone!

A jungle theme is also very popular in pool areas. Add a few trees and some colorful flowers, and some exotically designed decor panels of course, and you are ready to relax. Decor plastics can benefit you because of their ease and stylistic appeal, as well as their affordability!

Pools are not cheap to sustain, so saving a few bucks on your decorating costs could be a welcome gift! It is our goal to provide high quality decor plastic panels at an affordable price, and we even offer free samples so you can plan your project thoroughly! Order some today!

Dressing Up the Car Wash

Car washes aren’t typically known for the beauty of design, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be!  With the help of a few of our waterproof, decor plastic panels, you could take your car wash from dull and boring to flashy and exciting!

We have a number of different panels that would be appropriate for use in a car wash because of their water resistance.  The veneer on these panels will not peel due to wetness, and the interlocking design prevents moisture from leaking underneath the panels, which can lead to problems with mold.

Cars aren’t always the only things that need cleaning in a car wash, so it’s a good thing that in addition to being water resistant, our plastic panels are super easy to clean!  The smooth texture means that dirt does not get settled into nooks and crannies, and the finish stays strong to prevent staining.

With decor plastic wall paneling, you can give your car wash the stylistic touch of your choosing.  Look through all of our colors, designs, and panel varieties in order to find the perfect match for you.  There are fashions to appeal to tastes of all kinds!

In addition to all of the features above, our decor plastic panels are affordable!  Owning and operating a business like a car wash can’t be easy, especially with the current state of the economy.  It is important in this atmosphere to find high quality materials at reasonable prices, and that is what we offer here.

Remodeling a car wash through a contractor or design company could completely empty your pockets!  Avoid installation fees, avoid unreliable panels, and avoid the stress of a third party by getting your wall panels straight from Decor Plastics!

Give Life to Your Laundry Room

You will be hard pressed to find anyone who will admit to truly enjoying doing their laundry, but some are certainly better off than others.  The least excited are likely to be those forced to pay-by-the-load at a public laundromat, while the happiest are those who can wash from the comfort of a custom laundry room.

Standard laundry rooms do not offer a lot of joy.  Think about it—they often have dark, concrete floors and dull color tones, not to mention the size!  No one wants to be required to enter a small, dingy room every time they have chores to do, and décor wall panels are a great way to add new life to this oft-forgotten part of the house.

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